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Having a dog in your life is an incredible experienceAKC Logo seo sm 1. There is nothing like the relationship between a person and their dog.  We all love our dogs and being involved with other "dog people." We have fun in our club, and learn a great deal from each other.

Our website says alot about who we are.You will find a wealth of information here, but if you don't find what you need, please use the contact form to reach us.  

We hope you enjoy your visit as you learn about us, our kennel club, and our events. If you'd like to join our club and become a part of our dog family, the membership application is here too.


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Our "PUPPIES" pages is designed specifically for people who are thinking about  making a puppy part of their family,  From deciding on a breed to finding a breeder to knowing about what to expect from your new family member.  Is your puppy or dog not feeling well?  Visit our canine Disease Information section.  We have a wealth of information related to  disease and disorders.  Did you know most breeds have a list of specific genetic issues you should be aware of before you buy a puppy?  You will find all that information in the Puppies menu.

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